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Your hands and feet never take a day off, so take a good care of them.

Nothing can make us feel better than taking care of our pedicures and manicure. What do we understand about pedicure and what types of care are available? Let's B Nail & Spa find out more

What is included in a spa pedicure?

Some of the most common types are as follows (names and products may vary from spa to spa): Regular pedicure: A simple treatment that includes foot soaking, foot scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot and calf massage, moisturizer, and nail polishing.

What is a spa pedicure vs regular?

Spa pedicures are longer in time than regular pedicures because they come with additional services such as a foot soak, a foot massage and exfoliation, a hot towel rub, and a paraffin wax dip.
What is the difference between a classic pedicure and a spa pedicure?


Answer. Basic or classic pedicures are what you probably learned in school. Shape the nails and cuticle area, slough the feet and/or legs, massage calves and feet, and finish with an invigorating peppermint-type lotion. A spa-type pedicure goes further with the exfoliation and pampering of the client.

What is a luxury pedicure?

Luxury pedicure - Soak, file, cuticle work, hard skin removal, exfoliating foot, and lower leg, mask, massage, and polish. Express pedicure - does not include exfoliation, mask, and massage but does have a moisturize.

Why do pedicures feel so good?


The most enjoyable part of the salon pedicure is the massage. Massaging helps promote circulation and helps relieve tension in the calves and feet. An increase in blood circulation can reduce pain and help distribute heat throughout your body. A good pedicure can be very relaxing.

What is a stone pedicure?

During a hot-stone pedicure, the technician places heated, smooth, flat stones -- basalt rocks are common -- on top of and underneath your feet. The heat from the rocks relaxes your muscles and stimulates pressure points in your feet.

How often should you get a hot stone massage?

The frequency of your treatments will depend on you and your needs. If you are suffering from a particular ailment, you may find that a session every week or every two weeks will help treat and keep your problems at bay.


What is a paraffin pedicure?

A paraffin wax "dip" or "bath" is a soothing treatment in which the feet are submerged in a warm mixture of paraffin, a petroleum-based wax, and mineral oil. ... Massage therapists can use paraffin dips to relieve joint stiffness, while spas and salons often include them before pedicures.
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