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Manicure $22
Manicure Gel $32
Manicure Gel - French $37
Polish Change Hands $12
Polish Change Hands w/Gel $20
Polish Change Hands w/Gel + French $25
Polish Change Hands w/French $17


Classic Pedicures $35

The classic pedicure includes Anti-booterial soak, nail shaping cuticle trim, removing calluses pedi, colling gel scrub, lotion massage, hot socks and polish.

Codi Pedicure $42

Codi's Premium Pedicure Collections are designed to help set your mind and body at ease and create the perfect stress-relieving spa pedicure experience. Relax, cleanse, soothe, and moisturize your feet with this complete pedicure package.

Collagen Spa Pedicures $50

The classic pedicure includes an Anti-bacterial soak, nail shaping cuticle trim, removing calluses pedi, cooling gel scrub, lotion massage, hot socks, and polish.

Crystal Waters

Cool, fresh, and radiant! Thanks to the cool therapeutic qualities of aloe vera, this intense and fresh aroma leaves the skin feeling dewy and beautifully fragrant. You will glow!

Sweet Orange

Stressed? Take a sweet escape and rejuvenate your skin back to its radiant glow with sweet orange that exfoliates and hydrates Provides cleansing power to reveal skin's new lush texture.

Luxury Pearl

Reduce anxiety and emotional stress with a fragrance that you'll love. Fragrant and rich perfume with moisture. Enjoy a burst of this relaxing and sweet aroma!

Lavender & Lace

Need some romance? Fall in love with the aroma. This blooming lavender fragrance will calm and soothe your senses, as it softens your skin. You will love your skin's new silky glow.

Organic Mill Pedicure $60

Take a journey to an extraordinary level of luxury to bring you to a sense of well being rejuvenate your feet in a warm milky bath. Exfoliate with a tea tree scrub, followed by a thermal mud mask on your calves, then wrap with warm towels to refresh and reenergize and treat your feet in a warm paraffin wax, which soothes and heals dry cracked skin, relieves pain as well finishes your treatment with a 15 minutes massage on your feet with a soy-based hot candle wax. This is the perfect recipe for softer skin.

Milk & Honey Pedicure $50

A sweet retreat for the feet reveal silky soft skin by soaking your feet in warm, moisturizing milk, a sweet sugar exfoliation a honey butter foot mask, hot towels wrap to provide heat therapy. Then, enjoy the massage with hot rocks and butter cream.

Volcanospa Pedicures $55

Havana Secrets CBD Pedicure

Wanna know the secret to soft smooth skin? Havana Secrets will tell you everything you need to know with this luxurious coconut-scented pedi. Moisturizing and soaking your skin in CBD is a great way to keep your feet healthy and ache-free.

Hot Lava CBD Pedicure

Spice it up and give your skin a relaxing hot bath, leaving your feet erupting with a luxurious volcano caldera perfume! Let the CBD soak into your skin and alleviate that pain in your skin ankles and feet.

Beach Paradise CBD Pedicure

Need to relax? Submerge your feet in a bath of scented paradise. Your skin will feel soft and smooth, infused with a touch of CBD to help keep your feet healthy and ache-free.

Rose Gold CBD Pedicure

Shimmering Rose Gold sugar scrub enhances your skin's natural glow. Boosts skin with moisture and a luxurious rose perfume. Also contains CBD which can relieve some of the aches and pains residing in your feet.

Fuji Pearl CBD Pedicure

Want your feet to feel pearly smooth? Luxurious? Dip your feet into Fuji waters and enrich your skin in an amber-scented perfume. This new luxury pedi contains CBD to help rid those aches and pains.

Spearmint CBD Pedicure

Miss that minty fresh feeling? Dip your feet into our CBD-infused Spearmint scented spa. CBD has certain healing properties that will relax your joints and ankles, leaving them pain and ache-free.

Gold CBD Pedicure

Ready for your feet to feel like a million bucks? Try the CBD pedi that started it all. This rich scented bath is going to make your feet soft and smooth. The CBD will help with aches and pains. You deserve this type of royalty!

Golden Pedicure $70


Nutrition base come with Vitamin E relieve stress, ease achy muscles, and treat irritated Vitamin E added to preserve freshness.


Sugar granules are rounder and less abrasive than salt, making them a gentler exfoliant. A natural source of glycolic acid (an AHA), sugar breaks down layers of dead skin and smooths the skin's surface. It also speeds up rehydration, keeping skin conditioned and moisturized. For this reason, sugar scrubs are a fantastic pick for dry and dehydrated types.


The benefits of Golden Masks, Arguably, the principal benefit of clay masks is that they can detoxify the skin while reducing excess oil and getting rid of pore-clogging impurities. As a result, Golden Masks, are a favorite among people with oily and acne-prone skin types, though all skin types can enjoy them.


Massage Serum enhances the massage, heightens feeling, and increases stimulation pH BALANCED: Our pH-balanced serum is body safe and the Cinnamon Bark Oil Extract increases blood flow and circulation for the best massage and feeling.


Body butter is a versatile all-over moisturizer for the face, body, feet, and hands. Here are just some of the benefits of body butter: Moisturizes and smoothes the skin Reduces wrinkles, Soothes sunburn, eczema, and rashes. Forms a protective barrier over the skin.

Nourishes your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Reduces and prevents stretch marks.

Polish Change Toes

Polish Change $15
Polish Change w/French $20
Polish Change w/Gel $25
Polish Change w/Gel + French $30


Manicure & Pedicure (Classic) $57
Take Off Only $5
Take Off (No Services Again) $12 - $15


Dipping Manicure $40
Dipping Manicure w/French $45
Full Set Dipping $50 +
Dip Ombre $55 +


Full Set NO GEL $38
Fill In NO GEL $28
White Tip $40
Pink & White Powder $55
Full Set Dipping $50
Full Set Gel $45
Fill- In Gel $37
Polish Change Acrylics $15
Polish Change Acrylics w/Gel $25

(other price)



Manicure $18
Pedicure $28
Manicure & Pedicure $43
Add-on Shellac $10
Polish Change Hands $8
Polish Change Hands w/Gel $15
Polish Change Toes $10
Polish Change Toes w/Gel $17
w/French $5


Eyelash $30 & Up


Brows $12
Lip $8
Chin $10
Face $30
Under Arm $15
Half Leg $35 & Up
Full Leg $70 & Up
Half Arm $25 & Up
Full Arm $50 & Up
Bikini Wax $60 & Up
Back $60 & Up
Brazilian $60 & Up